Any escort girls Croydon with a solid reputation will look at their client as more than just someone who wants to have sex; they will also look at them as a patient. Men and women who have used the services of escorts in the past were asked why they used them in the first place in studies conducted across North America and the United Kingdom; it comes as no surprise that over 85 percent said it was because they couldn’t find an intimated – rather than physical – connection with another person.

And the percentage didn’t alter even after the person polled was married! That tells us that most men and women don’t seek out escorts to merely get their rocks off; they want a genuine connection; they want someone to cuddle up against and chat to; they want someone to tell them that things aren’t as awful as they think. And this is something that an escort is well aware of. Escorts report that their clients prefer not to engage in sexual activity with them until they’ve talked with them for at least 15 minutes. So an escort doesn’t conceive of their clients as sex-hungry maniacs; instead, they see them as folks who just want to talk to a nice face.

Therapist that Works Magic

Healthy connections are the foundation of the escort agency (and, for that matter, other divisions of sex work). As a result, the best an escort can aspire for is a positive, polite relationship with their client. With a positive and respectful client/escort connection, escort girls Croydon can be confident that not only will each interaction be pleasant and enjoyable, but that they will be able to count on you to schedule with them again in the future.


What does it mean for escort to want to have a healthy escort/client relationship? It implies that escort girls Croydon regard their client as a financial investment. So, if you’re worried that your escort doesn’t think you and your escort have a good relationship, ask yourself this simple question: have you been with a specific escort for more than a few bookings? If you answered yes, your escort most likely believes you and your partner have a solid relationship.