Legal Prostitutes in Modern Mexico City

Governments in many states are still trying to combat prostitution, but the experience of countries like Mexico shows that legalizing the sex industry is more effective than regulating the problem population. It has been shown that this is a practical and useful method. Prostitution is an economy. A public approach to solving this problem would allow girls to work legally and without fear and enjoy social, legal, and criminal protection. The state not only regulates questionable aspects of sex work but also profits heavily from escort girl taxes. Therefore, even the prostitutes themselves are in favor of legalizing their oldest profession – one of Mexico City’s top prostitutes from sites like Pander told Bordelero correspondent about this in an interview.

An Insider’s Perspective on Mexico City’s Sexual Services

According to PANDER statistics, the global scope of sexual occupations, regardless of their legal or illegal status, is expanding rapidly every year. In order to understand a little more about how young girls survive in this environment, journalists decided to speak directly to representatives of the night industry. The 26-year-old girl’s name is Sandra and she has been providing sexual services for over 4 years. Outwardly, she is a charming blonde with a rather fragile physique, but with the roundness of a pleasant woman – such an appearance is considered an unusual highlight among Latin American customers. I am.

Although there is no shame in being a prostitute in Mexico from sites like, Sandra prefers to describe herself as a commercial sex worker. She thinks it sounds thorough and concise. The girl hesitantly answers questions about the customer, since one of the points of success in personal work is confidentiality. Only when the girl is sure that the correspondent is not interested in any particular name or person does she relax and begin to talk.

According to her, for four years I had to work with different customers. These included quiet homely men, active young men, and even those who liked cross-dressing. But most often these are foreign tourists who come on vacation to get acquainted with the intimate services of Mexico City. Unfortunately, the Putas have had several encounters with unsuitable men who behaved in unnecessarily aggressive ways. However, the legal status of prostitution in this country undoubtedly allowed girls to go to the police when the situation got out of control. top tips for more intense orgasms with anal beads

On average, one person will serve 3 to 5 customers in her day. I don’t want to deal with more customers than that so as not to overdo it. Nevertheless, close contact with different people is less physically tiring than mentally, so the girl goes on a short vacation of several days every few weeks to relax. On those days, she goes to the spa to relax and take care of her face and body. This type of fresh start will help you adapt to your new daily work routine and put your clients in an even better mood as an escort in Mexico City.

Concerning income, the person reports that the money received is enough to pay the rent for his own rental apartment, another putana, and half the rent for the required work apartment, and for his age. Every girl needs beautiful female entertainment available. Sandra belongs to the middle class of prostitutes, so the price for her services starts from $40 per hour. She is looking for clients for online advertising of intimate services in Mexico City on a special website, so she doesn’t have to give up most of her profits for advertising.

But the young prostitute does not intend to devote herself to intimate work for a long time. As soon as there is a man with whom she wants to connect her future, other men will have no place in her life. And the girl is determined to give her chosen one to her past, so that her silence does not spoil their relationship.