How to Find an Escort in Las Vegas

When visiting Sin City, it can be helpful to enlist the aid of someone to show you around – especially if you want some extra fun! Escorts can be found everywhere from casinos and restaurants to nightclubs and the streets – they specialize in showing clients where the action is! They charge fees to show visitors around and will only go where it’s allowed by law (some escorts only work through agencies while others can be found independently on their own).

Prostitution in Las Vegas is legal. There are a variety of full-fledged brothels operating out of massage parlors or private rooms – these venues remain discreet without being advertised, and those aged 21 or above may enter them without incident.


Internet searching can also help you locate escorts in Las Vegas. Ads featuring scantily clad models and nude women give the impression they offer sex services; in reality, these “public” services include massages and body rubs as well as offering sexual encounters or dates for money; any woman offering such services for payment must first obtain a license to operate as an escort.

Most Las Vegas escorts work out of strip clubs or gentleman’s clubs, with some even serving as professional dancers. Although escorts may appear shy or nervous at first, they’ll soon feel comfortable spending time with you – maybe even whipping up some cocktails for you along the way! Most sessions cost several hundred dollars although these costs could increase further if they’re particularly attractive escorts are involved.

Escorts in Las Vegas can be seen at casinos, nightclubs and restaurants; they can also be hired to accompany you back to your hotel room for a private encounter – discrete or more out there depending on what kind of encounter is desired – generally they will be attractive women with great conversation skills that can add some spice. When planning for romantic getaways it is wise to know exactly what can be expected before booking any escort services.

Apart from strip clubs, dayclubs in Las Vegas offer another great place to find an escort – these venues usually poolside feature popular DJs such as Steve Aoki or Tiesto while also giving stunning views of the beautiful Strip.

At certain parts of the Strip, there are newspaper boxes filled with free magazines that include advertisements for escorts. While most of these copies of one publication include ads with photos and prices listed for available escorts, you may come across some unique ones with ads featuring photos that feature them – it should be easy enough to determine who might be available; although no guarantee that woman you see in her picture will actually be your escort in Vegas! You could also try browsing internet classified sites such as Craigslist or Backpage to locate potential candidates nearer your area!